Endless Summer

Endless Summer

0h 4min
October 25, 2018
  • Breakups alone are hard. Going through one in the public eye is even harder.

    Influencers Dylan Jordan and Summer Mckeen were the Internet’s favorite couple, but things came to a halt when they went through an emotional breakup. Documenting it all in their original Snapchat series Endless (previously titled Endless Summer), Jordan (21) and Mckeen (20) are getting more vulnerable than ever as they are focused on their own careers while dating other people.

    In Season 3, Summer and Dylan are finally moving on with the next phase of their lives, separate from one another. But when career opportunities bring them both to New York City at the same time, does fate have a different plan? You’ll have to watch to find out!


    by Juliet Schroder


  • Filming Locations
    • NYC, NY
  • Camera
    • Shot on Sony A7-S II. Zeiss Super Speeds. Full frame

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