Emmy-winning cinematographer Sherri Kauk discovered she was at home behind the camera before she even knew what a Director or a DP did.  Her camera became a fascinating way to explore new worlds. “When I had a camera in my hand, people let me in, wanting to share their experiences,” she says.
In 2020 Variety named her a Rising Star of Cinematography.  
Her first scripted series, season 3 and 4 of CBS' The Inspectors, garnered her an Emmy Award for Lighting Design.  There, she also directed her first network episode, 'Scam School'.  
Her cinematography highlights include "Sex Appeal" (Hulu), the SXSW feature 'LOEV" screening on Netflix, and season 3 of the Snapchat series "Endless Summer."
She has camera operated on prestigious shows such as "The Big Leap" (FOX), “Insecure” (HBO), “The L Word: Generation Q”  (Showtime), “Making the Cut” (Amazon Prime) and the Sundance documentary “Akicita: The Battle of Standing Rock."
Sherri is an alumna of The American Film Institute & Ithaca College.
Excerpts from Variety Magazine: These Rising Cinematographers Are Shaping Tomorrow’s Media
— Carole Horst
"I am drawn to everyday characters challenged to deeply understand themselves through confrontation with self and society. This character journey becomes my cinematography."  Sherri Kauk
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